Plan Your Trip

with Us

"You can go anywhere in the world as long as you plan for it"

I’m so excited that you are ready to start planning for your next getaway.

Here's 3 Simple Steps And You're On Your Way!

Step 1: The Inquiry

The inquiry is where you complete the travel request form and/or email me your ideas for your next trip. To better understand, we may set up a quick phone call just to make sure we are both on the same page.

Step 2: The Quote

Now that I have an idea of where you want to go, the vibe you are looking for, and activities you are interested in, its time for me to go to work. I’ll do some research and provide up to 2-3 options for your review. Allow me at least 72 hours.

Step 3: Book It!

We’ll get you booked! Set up a payment plan, if necessary, and help make your vacation a reality. We are not just booking your trip but to help create an experience which may include excursions, group dinners, or something special celebration.

We will not just book your trip. We will help create an experience which may include excursions or a customized experience for your special celebration.